Partner Spotlight
November 16, 2023

Partner Spotlight: Clarity Software Solutions

By incorporating proven behavioral science techniques and personalizing member messages, Clarity transforms healthcare payer communications from sunk costs to engagement engines that get members involved in health plans’ most important initiatives. From there, we track which members took what actions and measure the results so plans have concrete data to analyze.

Clarity produces and delivers more than 150 million member communications, in both print and digital formats alike, for over 100 health plans today and growing. Our client base insures over half of the covered lives in the United States every year. So you know your communications are in good hands.

For most plans, the story ends the moment their communications land in members’ mailboxes, but for plans that optimize their communications into meaningful and measurable touchpoints with Clarity, that’s only where the story begins. Transform your member communications from a business cost to a value driver and accelerate your member engagement the Clarity way.

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