June 13, 2022

Ohio Medicaid: Increasing COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake Through Unprecedented Collaboration

When COVID-19 vaccination rates for Ohio Medicaid members lagged the state overall last summer, OAHP’s member managed care plans launched an all-hands effort to get more people protected. With the support of the Ohio Department of Medicaid, the plans set competition aside in this area and set up task forces to enlist community partners, create vaccination opportunities and promote them to Medicaid members.

They created the Vax on the Spot microsite to house information about vaccine safety and vaccination opportunities at more than 1,000 pharmacies, nearly 700 medical practices and 35 federally qualified health centers. From the start of the campaign to the end of the year, more than 765,000 Medicaid members began the vaccination process.

We believe that this kind of collaboration, based on Quality Improvement principles, has the potential to help tackle other important public health challenges.

Read about this unprecedented partnership here.