May 25, 2022

Ohio health executive: We all have a role to play in lowering the cost of health care

Jane Peterson, President, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio

It’s estimated that 46 million Americans – a disproportionate number of them Black and Hispanic – believe they would be unable to afford quality health care if they needed it today. In Ohio, 43% of adults who need health care face one or more cost-related barriers to getting the care they need.

In addition to being the leading cause of personal bankruptcy, health care cost trends are causing some to skip treatments and procedures they need to live healthy lives. That combination leads to a vicious cycle of inadequate preventive care, increased stress and sickness and yet higher costs. For employers, it also leads to dissatisfied employees, a less productive workforce and negatively impacted financials.

The good news is that concern for health care affordability is higher now than at any point I can remember. There is growing collaboration among health systems, health plans, employers and their employees to achieve the collective goal of more affordable and higher-quality health care. Here’s a look at their changing roles and the critical role technology is playing to make it happen.

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