November 11, 2021

New Video: Vax on the Spot at work across Ohio

Ohio’s five Medicaid managed care plans have been hard at work, collaborating to get as many Medicaid members as possible vaccinated against COVID-19. In May, Gov. Mike DeWine challenged the plans to do more to raise the percentage of Medicaid members vaccinated — then only 22%.

The response was the Vax on the Spot campaign, highlighting convenient vaccination opportunities and offering transportation help, $100 gift cards for members and  increased vaccine administration reimbursement for providers. Less than six months later the results are impressive.

According to the Ohio Department of Medicaid, since Vax on the Spot began, the vaccination rate for Medicaid members 12 and older has increased by more than 87%, with well over 800,000 fully protected.

We owe this progress to the hard work of many groups: providers, pharmacists, community partners, the health plans and state and local governments. Please enjoy this powerful video, which highlights the success of Vax on the Spot and demonstrates what we can accomplish when we work together with a common goal.