October 4, 2021 Public health challenges are hard, but collaboration makes a difference: Melissa Li-Ng and Kimberly Chen

Getting more people vaccinated is critical to any hope of ending the pandemic’s hold over us. And helping more people with diabetes keep their symptoms under control is essential to improving their quality of life and lowering health care costs for everyone.

Ohio’s Medicaid Managed Care plans have put a high priority on both of these issues and those efforts have taught an important lesson: Tackling persistent, hard-to-budge public health problems is a team sport. By working together, the six private insurance companies that handle most of Ohio’s Medicaid business are having more success than they could working alone.

On the COVID-19 front, the plans have agreed on a broad suite of outreach efforts to encourage more Medicaid members to get the vaccination. The most prominent feature is a $100 gift card available to any member who receives the first vaccination shot by Dec. 31.

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