How Copay Coupons Drive Up Health Care Costs
By Gretchen Blazer Thompson, Director of Government Affairs

Health care costs are high, and getting higher. We appreciate efforts by the Ohio General Assembly to get those costs under control, but one proposed measure would make matters worse, by driving up the cost of insurance and making it more challenging for businesses to offer this critical benefit.
Invest Now to Save More Later: An Alternative Payment Model Based on Enhanced Home-Based Care
By Lisa Von Lehmden, Ohio Council for Home Care & Hospice (OCHCH) and Katie Eisel, Ohio Community At Home Network (OCHN)

For years, the health care industry as a whole has been working toward smarter ways to price and pay for the services we provide. At OCHCH and OCHN, we believe that home care can be the linchpin of better outcomes and significant savings for many patients.
2023 Annual Convention Highlights
By Kelly O’Reilly, President and CEO, Ohio Association of Health Plans

To anyone who joined us at our Annual Trade Show & Convention in September, we’re so glad you did, because it was one of the most informative (and fun!) ever. For those who weren’t able to make it, I want to share a few of the highlights.
What Can Other States Teach Us About Keeping Health Care Affordable?
By Gretchen Blazer Thompson, Director of Government Affairs

It’s also important to look beyond Ohio, to see what’s being proposed and enacted in other states. Often, we see good ideas that we think would benefit Ohioans. We recently shared three of those in an email to legislators.

Better Health, Lower Costs: The Promise of Value-Based Care
By Shaneequa Robinson, Vice President of Payor Channel, ValueHealth

Value-based care begins with the essential premise of managed care: that basing payment on outcomes rather than the quantity of procedures performed will lead to healthier patients and lowered health-care spending.
How Workplaces Can Prioritize Mental Health
By Tony Coder, Executive Director, Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation (OSPF)

When it comes to addressing mental health in the workplace, it’s all about balance – balancing the importance of employee well-being with overall company wellbeing.
Statewide MyCare Promises Better Health for Ohio’s Most Vulnerable Seniors
By Angela Weaver, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Ohio Association of Health Plans

MyCare Ohio is going statewide! OAHP is extremely grateful to the General Assembly and Gov. Mike DeWine for including this important policy directive in the 2024-25 state budget.

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